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Czech Accelerator
Learn in natural way
Discover a new way of learning languages. Connect with native speakers from the comfort of your own couch.
Study with ease and fun
Make learning languages addictive. Collect points, unlock badges and get certificates for your progress.
Share your results
Make your progress visible. Let your friends and bosses know all about your new skills and recent improvements!

Created to fit your lifestyle

Find a new level of freedom. With Click and Study you can take your lessons anytime and anywhere you want. Learn at the beach, at home on your bed or during your commute. Or, you can even just learn from your desktop or tablet. Make the time work for you.

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Designed for real life

All lessons are based on real life situations and designed to help you in your everyday missions. Whether ordering a hotel room abroad, making small talk with a taxi driver on your way to the airport, and much more, Click and Study makes using your new language a piece of cake.

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Ready for your tablet

Start your lesson with one click and study on the go. Download our iPad or Android app and put hundreds of lessons into your handbag or briefcase.

Em Breve Em Breve
"New, innovative and smart way of learning languages. You simply turn on the app every moment you have 5 minutes of free time."
Timothy Dunn